Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hello everyone. How have you all been doing lately? This Sunday we had a very good sermon on Sunday about wisdom that we could all benefit from. Here are some things that we should remember about wisdom.
God's Aim :
-That would be... not lacking anything, even wisdom.
God's Working In Our Lives To :
-And To Enlarge The Room In Our Hearts For Him
What is Wisdom?
-The God-Given understanding that enables a person to avoid the paths of wickedness and to live a life of righteousness.
-Seeing life through God's perspective.

The Value Of Wisdom
-Better than the finest riches (Prov. 8:11)
-It will make parents proud. (Prov. 15-20)
-It will save your life. (Prov. 2:12)

These are just a few things that we should remember about wisdom. Wishing everyone a happy New Year! Hope all are well.